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About me

Martin Menzel was born in 1979 in Magdeburg, Germany. His mother is a medical doctor, his father an engineer. After high school he was trained at German Television ZDF to be mediadesigner. Additionally, hes studied Filmmaking at New York Film Academy (NYFA) in New York City.

Martin has been working as a cameraman, soundman and mainly editor for ZDF and other German TV stations for over 10 years. Additionally, he became a film editor and edited feature films and documentaries for TV and cinema release in Germany. Before heading to New York, Martin also directed three short films in Germany, that garnered international festival acclaim.: „Fahrerflucht (Run Over)“ in 2003, „halbiert (cut in halves)“ in 2005 and „Beas Vorstellung von Glück (An Alternative to Love)“ in 2006. In New York, he produced short films "Good Luck, Bunny!" (2009), „Wall Street Chicken“ (2009), and "Vanishing" (2010). Being back in Germany, Martin is preparing his feature-lenght debut film as a director, and is working as film editor on more feature and documentary films.

Martin Menzel lives with actress Antje Thiele in Berlin and Magdeburg, has two children, and keeps strong ties to New York City.

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