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Telling stories by the means of film is all my life. Please be invited to browse through my projects, enjoy short movie clips, and donʼt hesitate to get in contact with me. Always looking forward to it – maybe there is a chance to work together!

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    A wonderful German-Finnish children's movie I have edited for director Stefan Westerwelle finished it's run in movie theatres and is now available for home entertainment. See the German Trailer here on youtube.

    The universe must have a lot of mistakes, finds ten-year-old Matti. Otherwise people would be much happier! His father Sulo wouldn't be a bus driver, but a computer game developer, as he dreams. His mother would no longer have to be angry about her choleric boss in the doctor's office. And Matti himself would have long since been on holiday with his family in Sulo's native Finland... So Matti decides to help luck a little and invents a lottery prize. He actually manages to lure Mom, Dad and his little brother Sami to Finland. But because fist-thick lies usually have unforeseen consequences, the family is suddenly without money, without a roof over their head and without car keys, in the middle of the Finnish pampas. Now Matti urgently needs a miracle. But is the universe also responsible for something like this?

    MATTI UND SAMI is a production of Lieblingsfilm GmbH (producer: Philipp Budweg) with AAMU FILM COMPANY LTD. (Producer: Jussi Rantamäki) in co-production with NDR, KIKA, MDR and rbb TV.

    12. November 2015: German release of "God of Happiness" in cinemas

    New feature film "God of Happiness" of highly awarded georgian filmmaker Dito Tsintsadze, whisch I edited for 27 Films Production is coming to German cinemas. Kinostar Verleih releases the film on Thursday, November 2015 12th.

  • 01/ 2015: "Happy Birthday, Mara Steinberg!" to be produced in Germany

    The original screenplay for a feature-lenght comedy, adapted by me and Silvana Jakich from an earlier draft by Silvana Jakich and Robert Margolis, got picked up by renowned German production company in Munich. We are currently revising the script and as my debut feature in German language.

  • May 2013: "His greatest Trick" in Cannes

    My newest short film takes part in the Short Film Corner of the prestigiuos Cannes Film Festival. I am attending the festival from May 17 to 24 and I am looking forward to inspiring encounters! His greatest stars Christian Grashof and Anna Böttcher.

  • 11.April 2013: Trailer for "Rendezvous in Belgrad"

    I recently produced a trailer for the cinema release of Serbian/German romantic comedy "Practical Guide to Belgrade with Singing and Crying." The film is on release under the title "Rendezvous in Belgrad" alll over Germany from April 11th. You can see the trailer here.

  • 01 / 2012: "Unter Männern" premieres at the Berlinale

    The feature-length documentary "Unter Männern - Schwul in der DDR (Amongst Men - Gay in GDR)", which I edited, premieres at the 62.International Berlin Filmfestival February 13, 2012. Directed by Ringo Rösener and Markus Stein, the film is in competition of the Panorama section. The Hoferichter & Jacobs Filmproduktion production has distribution to cinemas by Salzgeber Medien and will later be broadcast by MDR German Television.

  • 10/ 2011: "Vanishing" festival and TV aquisition

    My New York short film "Vanishing" will show at FILMETS Badalona Film Festival in Spain November 9th.

    In 2012, "Vanishing" will be dubbed in German and broadcast on National Television programs MDR and 3Sat, together with "Good Luck, Bunny!", another of my short films from New York.

  • 10 / 2010 Pictures from Sapporo Short Fest in Japan

    See my pictures from a great festival experience in Sapporo in myweb gallery!

  • 07 / 2010: I will be featured at Japanese film festival in October!

    I am very happy to be invited to Sapporo Short Fest 2010. The exciting film festival on Japan's Hokkaido island has a special "filmmakers's section", in which 7 directors are featured in competition with a selection of their works. I will show my newest short "Vanishing" alongside "Fahrerflucht/Run Over" and "Good Luck, Bunny!". SSF2010 Shortlist in Competition Official Selection

  • 09 / 2009: Media Coverage of "Wall Street Chicken"

    The New York Times reports on the festival premiere of "Wall Street Chicken" in New York. Please see the New York Times weblog. CNN also reports in their headline news, featured is an interview with me. See the clip here on youtube.

  • 09 / 2009: "Wall Street Chicken" premieres at Film Festival in New York City

    My newest short film has it's grand premiere on September 19th at the Blackout Film Festival in New York City! The 7 min. short film is about two brokers that loose their job and eventually start a huge pillow fight on Wall Street.

  • 04 / 2009: "Run Over" on DVD at!

    My short film "Fahrerflucht (Run Over)" starring Kai Wiesinger is available for purchase at It comes in company of some other very nice shorts!

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